Super Mentors: 

The Ordinary Person’s Guide to Asking Extraordinary People for Help

The head of the world’s top venture capital firm. The president of a major car manufacturer. The chief operating officer of a social media giant. If you think these powerful people would never take a meeting with you or give you a job, think again. Turns out, really powerful people can and do help complete strangers all the time. And that complete stranger can be you, if you just ask them right. Aim High, Ask Small, and Do It Again is the formula at the core of this book, and it’s the advice Eric Koester has given to seemingly ordinary students and new professionals time and again – and seen work. With this book as a guide, anyone (even you) can make highly important, influential people (we call them Super Mentors) your mentors – and how doing so can unlock doors to the career success you’ve always wanted.


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Coming to Bookstores Summer 2022

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